PPG is an independent UK company producing paint protection film pre cut kits for over 15 years. We can produce full kits, part kits or a single pattern for all types of vehicles when there is no industry standard pattern available we can produce our own patterns. That is why we supply prestige car manufacturers requiring high quality, complex kits with short notice production runs as well as individual enthusiasts needing a one off bespoke piece, where quality design and production is never a compromise,

In house design and production at our Midlands based facility enables a swift response to meeting and exceeding customer requirements. We are committed to bringing top quality paint protection film at the most competitive prices.
Car manufacturers can substantially reduce paint warranty claims, whilst car owners can protect vulnerable exterior surfaces, bonnets, bumpers, front wings, sills and wheel arches from stones, road salt and other road debris. Shield Paint to prevent chips and scratches around door edges, handles and motorcycle front fairings. Paint Protection Film has come a long way we only use the best paint protection film available from reputable suppliers including SunTek™. Film that has been tried and tested. 
We work in partnership with car manufacturers, dealers, owners clubs, fleet managers and individual customers, to develop cost effective protection solutions. We also produce kits from pre designed industry standard patterns with access to a huge range for every popular vehicle, reducing paint warranty claims and maintaining vehicles in top condition. 

Its no secret, measle charts prove where paint protection film is required, we don't cover your vehicle needlessly in film and charge the earth. We work smarter, placing film invisibly where it is needed most. Top design and development working with quality materials results in a finish equal to that only found in the prestige sports car market. Trade and private customers alike benefit from well designed paint protection film installations. Our experienced installation team undertake a one off install or multiple installations.
We are so enthusiasticabout paint protection film we cater for DIY application, Send us your template and we model it in and computer cut a piece exactly to your template complete with applicator, fluids and comprehensive instructions. For those on a budget we can supply a piece of film for you to design and cut yourself, A DIY template development kit is recommended and available to purchase Visit our DIY selection page to purchase kits online.

Please contact us on 01926 811652 or email info@premierpaintguard.com we will be happy to assist you
paint protection film, wheel arch
paint protection film, exposed wheel arch
paint protection film, close up exposed wheel arch
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Protected with computer cut Paint Protection Film

Exposed and in need of repair

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